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Sunrise Futures is a 100% merit based work place where hard work is recognized and highly rewarded. We focus on results rather than politics or bureaucracy, and provide a highly collaborative and engaging environment where everyone shares the same goals. Sunrise Futures offers a very casual atmosphere where t-shirts and jeans are the norm. We prioritize employee benefits and office amenities.

At Sunrise Future we also like to get together outside of work! We host frequent social events including soccer games, bowling and happy hours. Our events are not just for employees — we have a huge end of year holiday party as well as a summer family event which has taken place at Chicago’s Field Museum, park grounds, and amusement parks.

Fun Perks!

Game room with foosball, ping pong, and more

Social areas for relaxing

24/7 gym as well as company organized sporting events

Catered lunches and 24/7 accessible snacks

A Day in the Life

Nick, FPGA Engineer

I arrive at my desk right as the markets start to get active. I like to start my day by reviewing my e-mail to see what kinds of issues have come up. Looks like there is nothing that needs to be addressed ASAP, great! I grab some coffee from the kitchen and jump right into implementing a new trading logic feature in our FPGA design. I sit next to the systems developer that I am working with, which really helps my productivity.

Before I know it, it’s time for our weekly IT meeting. This is where all of the different IT groups come together to discuss current projects and issues. It’s a great place for me to learn what else is going on at Sunrise. When I get back to my desk lunch has already arrived – nice! In the afternoon I wrap up coding and begin testing in our QA Lab. I can’t imagine life without the lab; it enables me to test every aspect of our system and mirrors the production trading environment perfectly.

Srini, Software Engineer

On the way to work I check my e-mail to see if there were any issues overnight with the trading platform latency improvements that we just rolled out. Looks like it all went smoothly! As I arrive, I grab a banana and yogurt in the kitchen on my way to my desk.

Once I settle in, a colleague comes over to discuss the architecture of a new feature we are planning to add to our trading platform. We pop into a nearby huddle room and start drawing some ideas on the whiteboard. After some brainstorming we have a plan and I go back to my desk to get started on the coding. The combination of coding and designing is what I love most about my job.

After lunch I take a break with a couple of coworkers and head over to the game room for some foosball. It’s also a good time to discuss the projects that we are working on and share some ideas.

Before I know it, it’s time to head out to Rivers (the restaurant/bar downstairs) for an outdoor happy hour event that we are having.

Colin, Researcher

The first thing I do when I get in is take a look at the results of the research jobs that I ran overnight. I’m working on a new alpha and I’m hoping that something I ran will give me insight into which direction to proceed. Based on the results I have a hypothesis. I dive into my C++ code to tweak a few things and then kick off some new jobs. Just as those get going it’s time for a research meeting. We each discuss what we’re working on and share ideas. It’s a very casual format where everyone is able to discuss any topics that they are interested in.

After lunch I switch gears a bit and take a look at some reports showing performance metrics for a set of strategies that I released recently. It seems like things aren’t lining up with my expectations, so I dig into it a bit deeper.

Before I know it, it’s time to head home for the night. I meet some coworkers in the gym first, and we talk about grabbing dinner after a workout.

Recent Events & Outings

Team Building Game
Family Picnic
Bowling Night
Golf Retreat
Holiday Party
Mini Golf
Ski Trip