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Who are we?

Sunrise Futures is a mix of computer scientists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians – but in a nutshell – we are all problem solvers. At Sunrise we strive to maintain a highly collaborative and productive environment. By selecting only individuals who we truly believe are a good match for the firm and vice versa, we have built an exceptional team and workplace where everyone can thrive, learn and excel to their maximum potential. We are proud to boast one of the lowest turnover rates in our industry.

Our Management Team

Though young at heart, the Sunrise Futures management team has decades of experience in all key areas of our business. Born leaders, they harness that experience to provide guidance while ensuring that everyone is able learn and grow in their career, helping to groom the next generation of leaders at Sunrise Futures.

Our Story

Sunrise Futures began in 2007, with four friends in a small, windowless office located in the heart of the financial world – the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) building in downtown Chicago. With varying skill sets and successful careers at different financial institutions, the founders believed that together they could build a quantitatively driven, algorithmic trading firm that would rival even the best in the industry.

After a few long months of coding, researching, and planning Sunrise Futures launched its first trading strategies and never looked back. Fueled by immediate success, the founders theorized that this mathematical, research driven, black box trading style would work in every asset class and market place. The strategy base quickly expanded to products and markets all over the world.

Sunrise Futures now executes millions of transactions a day and we continue to expand into new markets, products, and trading strategies; competing with the upper echelon of financial firms. Instead of following the industry standard cycle of expand/contract, we have steadily grown our team since inception, while maintaining the small company feel. Today, we are just over fifty employees and still growing.